Airport customs finds human intestines in woman’s suitcase as she enters Austria

While minding her own business and casually strolling through airport customs with her luggage in tow, a woman’s bag was searched, revealing she had human intestines packed in her suitcase. The Austrian officials who found the organs were obviously baffled, wondering why someone would possibly need to travel with someone else’s insides packed neatly between their underwear and toiletries. The Moroccan woman had even taken the time to seal the intestines tightly in plastic containers and formaldehyde, so it’s not like there were loose intestines in her bag — that would just be gross.

The unnamed 35-year-old woman claimed they belonged to her husband and that she brought them along to Austria to have them tested, as she believes her husband was poisoned to death. This seriously sounds like the plot of a thriller that’s so bad you can’t help but keep watching.

The intestines are going through pathological analysis, though Morocco determined her husband died due to intestinal obstruction, the Associated Press reports. The man’s wife is clearly willing to go to great lengths to figure out if that’s true or if there was an elaborate scheme to poison her husband, who must have been involved in some pretty sketchy stuff if she assumes someone wanted him dead.

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The woman’s lawyer, Anton Karner, told The New York Times a doctor in Marrakesh also suspected foul play and extracted a piece of his intestines and sealed it in the package for the wife. They’re working theory is that the 40-year-old man was poisoned at a recent dinner with his family because some of his relatives weren’t happy the couple had married.

She didn’t technically break any Austrian laws by bringing his insides into the country, but airport customs officials were so confused they called in the police, who turned over the organs to a clinic to be tested.

So, the moral of the story is you can travel with your dead husband’s intestines, in Austria at least.