6 year old throws epic Drake-themed birthday party, turning her bday into a lifestyle

Although birthday party themes for 6-year-old girls usually tend to go more toward pink and princesses, six-year-old Leah had something different in mind. To celebrate her sixth year on this Earth, she wanted — and got — a Drake-themed birthday party. Yes, that Drake.

The idea for the party came about when Leah asked her mother, Alexis Gomez, to buy her a t-shirt with the Drake lyrics “Turn my birthday into a lifestyle” printed on it. Leah is a lifelong Drake fan, so the party theme wasn’t too much of a stretch. As Gomez’s friend Abby Marquez told Mashable, she’d been into Drizzy since she was in “her momma’s womb.” Gomez backed this up in a statement to Buzzfeed, confirming that her daughter “loves everything about his music” and “recently said she wants to marry Drake when she’s older.”

So what does a Drake-themed children’s party look like? If Marquez’s photos from the event are any indication, it looks baller as hell. Party decorations included fake $100 bills, balloons with Drake’s smiling face printed on them, and invites/flyers with a picture of Drake in the classic smoking-a-cigar-to-prove-I’m-rich pose, except with a party noisemaker replacing the cigar. Marquez also told Buzzfeed the balloons were held in place with miniature Hennessy bottles. That is commitment, folks.

CREDIT: @abbykillzz/Twitter

OK, mini liquor-themed decorations might be a little age-inappropriate for a 6 year old, and Drake’s general body of work isn’t really G-rated. I can’t imagine my parents letting me listen to lyrics such as “That pussy knows me better than I know myself.” But look how happy that little girl is! She’s clearly having the greatest time ever. How could anyone begrudge her that unless they’re dead inside?

CREDIT: @abbykillzz/Twitter

The only real problem is the pressure of having to match this next year.

CREDIT: @abbykillzz/Twitter

But here’s an idea: hire Drake to perform in person. If we get a Kickstarter going now, we might raise enough money to book him for Leah’s seventh birthday party. I think that’s a cause we can all get behind.

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