You can now feed the hungry with your Instagram, and 3 other easy ways to help food-insecure families

A great many of us are guilty of taking pictures of our meals, whether they’re delicious looking or not so much (FYI, your weekend omelette does not photograph well). But now you can do everyone a favor and feed the homeless by not Instagramming food photos. Or rather, by taking down your already-posted foodgrams. Land O’Lakes partnered with Feeding America to take hunger head on with their new “Delete To Feed” campaign. It’s a really easy way to do a little good without doing anything, which, let’s not lie, is how people seem to like their charities. All you have to do is go to Delete to Feed’s website, link your Instagram account, and delete one picture of food from your feed. Land O’Lakes will then donate 11 meals to families in need through Feeding America.

It works, like most everything else in life, because of guilt. The program’s website says, “Instagram is full of food posts, but millions of Americans go hungry each year. You can make a difference. Turn your food posts into real meals.” So before you take a picture of your lunch, delete an old picture, because it is sort of gross that some people get to eat so much they think it’s art and other people are walking around empty.

You can delete up to 40 of your food posts once you’re connected, and the site will track them. So, for every meal you snapped back in the day that didn’t get a lot of likes, you just get rid of it like it never happened, and Land O’Lakes will donate 11 more meals.

The campaign is set to run through mid-October or whenever the target goal of 2.75 million meals (which is about a $250,000 donation, according to AdWeek) is reached. For a company that pulled in some $300 million in total earnings in 2015, it’s a pretty decent sized donation, and it demonstrates that it’s actually not all that expensive to make and deliver meals to families.

But there are also other ways to help feed the some 49 million food insecure people in the country. That’s a lot of freaking human beings that need to eat on the regular, not just when Land O’Lakes or another company wants to make a PR statement or a tax-deductible donation (it’s great that companies do any charity at all, of course, but it would be a lot cooler if it wasn’t in fits and bursts), and there are some good ways to do it.

Go to the source

Feeding America is all over feeding food insecure Americans. It’s focused on education and food waste, especially, which means getting restaurants to donate their leftovers from the night instead of tossing them, along with other initiatives. They work with more than 200 food banks and local meal service programs, so if you want to donate locally and put a face to your helping, you can find out what your local centers need. Or give them some cash to help them do what they do — which also includes disaster relief, like after the floods in Baton Rouge this summer. They feed 4 million people a year.

Children are the future, right? 

Some food charities focus just on children and the elderly, if you’d rather zone in. Meals on Wheels has been around forever and still collects food and makes deliveries to people who can’t get out of the house. For Meals on Wheels, you have to actually cook something they can distribute to a bunch of people. Or just throw money at the problem so they can stay in operation.

If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy feeding kids, Action For Healthy Kids works to ensure tiny people are getting all their vitamins, not eating crap, and have dinner every night. They work with more than 12 million kids and about 90 cents of every dollar donated goes right into action.

Farmers need help too

Food issues aren’t just about empty bellies, and there are a lot of charities that help farmers and migrant workers in the United States. If you’re into immigration reform and the conditions of the migrant workers who pick all that kale you eat, you can donate to Farmerworkers Justice. It’s dedicated to improving working conditions and the lives of migrant workers in general. There’s also Coalition of Immokalee Workers, which is based in Florida, and also works to improve working conditions of any laborers working in food — whether it’s on a farm or at Wendy’s.

Starting local is always the best way to actually help people, and every city has a food bank or program you can get involved with. Or, just delete a few Instagram posts and make Land O’Lakes do it.