The best tweets about the presidential debate, because clearly that’s the best part

Democratic and Republican nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did not hold back on stage at the first presidential debate Monday night, and frankly, neither did Twitter users across the nation. Viewers made their thoughts clear in tweets about the first presidential debate that were insightful, humorous, or just downright savage. By comparison, some Twitter users made debate moderator and NBC Nightly News’ host Lester Holt look ineffective.

Throughout the night, Clinton and Trump traded blows on national security, terrorism, wealth inequality, race, and inclusiveness, and the nation’s overall future. But we all knew from the start this presidential debate would not be like any other that’s ever gone down. After all, we’re talking about two very divisive candidates — one the first female presidential nominee of a major party who many see as untrustworthy and the other a man who constantly confines women to scales of 1 to 10 and has been privy to more sexual harassment scandals than the average American can count. Even if you don’t like either candidate, it was a can’t-miss show.

Anyone, regardless of whether or not they watched the debate, could guess how crazy it was. And, as usual, Twitter has the best takes on the night’s craziest points. Here are just a few:

Polar bears

Exclusive sneak peaks

Ground Rules

It’s all rigged!

Who’s Bryant?

Law & Order

Each candidate’s “tasks”

A cold or coke?

Sniffle-related medical records

“Restart the clock please”

Taking shots, shots, shots

This isn’t Madmen

Boogie Nights breathing

Building a time machine

“Back to the question though…”

Um, sir…

Uh huh

Are we having fun yet?