Is the U.S. losing jobs to Mexico? Trump says so, and here’s the truth

At tonight’s first presidential debate, Republican candidate Donald Trump argued as a part of his first answer that the U.S. is losing jobs to Mexico. This comes as a part of his general blaming of Mexico for everything from rapists to drugs to the state of our economy. But is that actually the case? Many U.S. politicians blame places like Mexico and China for the current state of our economy, largely arguing that unfair trade deals made it possible for huge numbers of American jobs to head over to countries that pay lower wages.

While Clinton plans to revisit the NAFTA agreement, which strengthened trade ties between the U.S. and Mexico, Trump wants to destroy it, but hasn’t said anything about a detailed plan.When it comes down to it, it is a little bit of a shortcut to say that countries that pay workers less are stealing jobs from the American workforce. The Washington Post brings up the fact that Germany surpassed Mexico four years ago in terms of what they call a “lopsided trade balance,” meaning it has a major surplus of American goods. It has the second largest trade surplus with us, comparable only to China.

So why don’t politicians like Trump spend more time talking about Germany and how it’s rocking our economy?

One major point that also always comes up when we talk about Mexico “stealing American jobs” is that China technically takes way more jobs than Mexico, despite the fact that Trump continues to point to Mexico. Last year, Trump said, “You know what, because they make a fortune with us. Our companies are moving into Mexico more than almost any other place right now. We are losing our industry. We’re losing our business to Mexico.”

Long story short? Looks like Trump is missing a few steps when it comes to this issue.