Is Obama at the first presidential debate? Nobody wants to miss this showdown

As the first presidential debate marks a deeply historic moment for everyone involved, it’s natural to scan the scene and wonder: is Obama at the debate? While he has plenty on his plate as his presidency slows to a halt, according to reports from CNN, Obama is watching the debate on television from the safe distance of the White House, where he has hopes for the discussion.

Last week during an interview on ABC’s Good Morning, Obama gave Clinton debate advice. He said, “Be yourself and explain what motivates you,” expressing his faith in Clinton’s abilities, and went on to say, “I’ve gotten to know Hillary and seen her work — seen her in tough times and in good times. She’s in this for the right reasons.”

It’ll be interesting to hear how he feels about Clinton’s performance after the first debate is finished, especially considering the fact that Obama’s first debate against Mitt Romney in 2012 was considered a universal fail for Obama. According to a CNN/Opinion Research poll, following the first presidential debate four years ago, 67 percent thought Romney won, whereas only 25 percent thought Obama came out on top. If Obama’s chances at a second term had been entirely based on the first debate, he would likely not be in office right now. Considering that fact, would more faith be extended towards Clinton were she to “lose” this first debate?

Regardless of the overall rating of Clinton’s performance tonight, and the large amount of work Obama is constantly buried under, Obama is likely very relieved he won’t be undergoing this process again.