Hillary Clinton’s comments about her emails during the debate were short and to the point

The first presidential debate provides a crucial opportunity for both candidates to set the stage, both literally and figuratively, for their composure and debate abilities in the 2016 election season. Given the symbolic importance of the first debate, it’s a good look that Hillary Clinton’s comments about her email scandal were short and to the point. After Clinton criticized Donald Trump for not releasing his tax returns, she also addressed her extensively documented email scandal and conceding her mistake when she said:

I made a mistake using a private email. I’m not going to make any excuses. That was a mistake.”

Regardless of how you feel about Clinton’s policies, addressing the email scandal with a head-on, apologetic address was likely the wisest move possible. This particularly stands in contrast to the ways in which Trump responded about not releasing his tax returns, wherein he defended himself and acted elusive, at one point saying, “I’m under a routine audit,” as a possible deflection of responsibility. Perhaps, we shall see, Clinton’s decision to be straight-forward in admitting complicity and responsibility for using a private email server, which has been one of her constant deterrents in the media, will set her apart from Trump.

Ultimately, we’ll have to tune into the future debates to see how Clinton’s handling of the email controversy continues.