Donald Trump’s first answer at the first presidential debate was all about Mexico, duh

The moment we have all been waiting for (and desperately avoiding) is finally here — the world has been graced with Donald Trump’s first answer at the presidential debate. Finally, after months of election buildup following the historic presidential nomination of Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential nominee, and the nomination of Donald Trump, our first terrifying reality star gone rogue, we have arrived at the first debate.

Ever since the first debate was announced the public has been wondering: what are the nominees preparing for their opening speeches? Naturally, our curiosity and anticipation piqued even more once the moderator Lester Holt announced the first debate topics, which included the three grandiose, yet vague prompts: securing America, America’s direction, and achieving America. 

For both candidates, those prompts provide ample food for thought, but given Trump’s emphasis on Making America Great Again, the combination of the milestone of the first debate with elaborate prompts such as “American’s direction” opens huge doors for Trump to unveil more of his very grandiose policies, such as building a wall along the Mexico border and mass deportations of illegal immigrants. So naturally, we’ve all wondered what visions of a possible America Trump would paint in his statement for the first debate, and now, the man has adjusted his tie and done the deed. So for those who didn’t catch it yet on the debates, here is Trump’s opening statement for the 2016 debate season.

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University
CREDIT: Win Mcnamee/Getty Images

When asked what he would do to increase job wealth in America, this was Trump’s first answer:

“Thank you Lester. Our jobs are going to many other countries, they’re devaluing our currency because they’re using our country as a piggy bank. When you look at what’s happening in Mexico, with jobs, you might wonder what’s happening to most of the world.

With the United States not so much, thousands of jobs are leaving. I think Hillary and I disagree on that, and we’re going to talk about that later. We have to stop our jobs from being stolen from us and we have to stop our companies from leaving, so many hundreds and hundreds of companies are doing this. We cannot let this happen.

I want to bring the jobs back to America, and that’s exactly what I’ll do. No longer will jobs be stolen from us, our companies won’t keep moving like so many companies that move.

Unsurprisingly, his opening statement painted Mexico in a negative light while putting the emphasis on the need to amp up the American workforce. But how exactly will he “bring our jobs back?”