Donald Trump’s best quotes from the first presidential debate kept things interesting, to say the least

Republican nominee Donald Trump took the general election debate stage for the first time Monday night, and he was just as explosive as you’d expect him to be given his behavior throughout this election season. It’s difficult to pinpoint just a few of Trump’s best quotes from the first debate — a night of fiery zingers on a variety of issues — but for anyone who couldn’t sit through the debate, here’s a run-down of the highlights.

There’s plenty of debate around whether or not hard-hitting performances at presidential debates will really make much of a difference or influence the outcome of the election, but at the very least, Trump will likely hold on to his base of angry white males.

This past year, Trump has branded himself as a man’s man who isn’t afraid to “tell it like it is” and won’t mince words for the sake of that evil force stressing respect and professionalism, known as “political correctness.” Going on the offense and not troubling himself to try and be appealing to minority voters throughout the night, Trump stayed true to the narrative he’s built for himself, and his best quotes from this evening frankly speak for themselves.

Let’s take a look at a few.

On the U.S. turning into a “piggy bank” for China

On his “very small” loan from Dad

On WTF to call Clinton

On making sure we don’t forget he knows business

On cutting taxes

And, of course, ISIS

On politicians with no action steps

And blaming Clinton for, well, everything

On needing a business-minded president

On the demise of the U.S.

On why we don’t need to see his tax returns

On stop-and-frisk

And black people being manipulated for votes

On President Obama’s birth certificate

On his strong ties to the African-American community

And the “hell” people of color are living in

On being endorsed by admirals over “political hacks”

On Iraq

And Clinton’s inability to stop ISIS

On how we could have prevented ISIS with ease

On nuclear weapons

And maybe using them

On Clinton’s “bad temper”

And her not “looking” presidential enough to be, well, president 

Like we said. If nothing else, it was interesting to watch.