Bernie Sanders’ tweets about the debate were kinda the best thing about the night

The debate was an uncomfortable night for plenty of Americans who aren’t too thrilled about Hillary Clinton and are, understandably, terrified by Donald Trump. But, thankfully, there was a silver lining, and that was Bernie Sanders’ live tweets on the presidential debate. As usual, the #DebateWithBernie hashtag, which has been active for just about every primary debate this election season, was lit with the former Democratic presidential candidate’s savage take-downs of Donald Trump.

Sanders conceded the Democratic nomination to Clinton in July after working with her to create the Democratic Party’s most progressive platform yet, featuring many of the populist reforms he spent the past year campaigning on. Sanders additionally worked with Clinton to create her new plans for debt-free college and expanded healthcare. That being said, the Vermont senator is honest about the fact that there is still plenty he and Clinton disagree on and has told The Nation he doesn’t “love” her (ouch), but at the very least, his tweets from Monday night show he was certainly on her side, and there’s nothing more important to him than stopping Trump and his bigotry and misogyny from making it to the White House.

Clinton certainly has her critics among those who supported Sanders in the primary, some of whom have gone the Bernie or Bust route and now support Green Party candidate Jill Stein due to criticisms of Clinton’s record on foreign policy, the environment, criminal justice, and economic policy, which they believe she has yet to answer for.

Who really knows if Sanders’ supportive tweets helped Clinton with her little Bernie or Bust problem, but even if it didn’t, at the very least, it helped us push through what would have, otherwise, been a pretty unbearable night.

Here are the greatest hits of Monday night’s #DebateWithBernie:

On how Trump’s years of leading the birther movement are no small thing and can’t just be forgotten:

On the weird feeling that is actually agreeing with Republican Mitt Romney on something:

“Oh, yeah,” so, that’s who Trump’s policies would actually help:

On what Trump isn’t telling us about that healthcare plan he kind of, sort of has:

On Trump being sued more than literally any other candidate in history:

And let’s not forget who was suing him:

The ultimate #ThrowbackThursday on climate change:

On the paradox of Trump’s stances on global business:

On Trump’s non-existent college plan:

Pretty much the only thing Trump’s campaign has said about college affordability is that community college is already “damn near free,” so that settles it and we should all quit complaining.

On how unreliable literally everything Trump has ever said is:

On the truth about Trump and foreign policy:

Thank you, Bernie. Someone had to do it.