10 blissful, brain-cleansing puppy GIFs, because dear god, there are still three more debates to go

Guys, we’ve done it. We are all alive following the first presidential debate of the 2016 election season, and it was as terrifying and soul-draining as could be expected. All of the puke-inducing yet predictable factors were there, the man-shaped word vomitorium known as Donald Trump managed to insult Rosie O’Donell right before the end of the debate, claiming she deserved to be called a “fat pig” during a GOP presidential debate in the summer of 2015. The relatively mum Clinton addressed her email scandal and managed to take responsibility without truly illuminating the audience as to why it occurred in the first place.

Throughout the night, NBC News Nightly anchor and moderator Lester Holt looked uncomfortably handsome as he attempted to interject between the blatant jabs between the presidential candidates, and the lovely Obama continued his slow fade into normalcy as he chose to watch the debate from the White House.

Needless to say, we’re all exhausted. If you have human blood in your body, it is highly likely it was coursing with the ferocity and fear of a band of horses throughout the night. Or at least you felt compelled to binge drink a 12-pack while laugh-weeping and considering the possibility of hiding out in a commune in the woods or moving to Canada. No matter what, you could use some dog memes. So here they are, ten puppy memes to cleanse the pain.

These pugs who are super done with politics

This laundry basket of puppies that DGAF

This baby dog who doesn’t know Trump exists

This happy pupper that has never heard of CNN

These dogs on scooters fleeing America

This birthday party full of babes

This dog that made it rain

These babies hugging it out

These cuties throwing a lemonade stand

This group of women healing with dogs

Do you feel better yet? I truly hope so. I might not feel good yet, but looking at these puppies effectively decreased my gnawing desire to sit on the bottom of the ocean, which is progress. I’m going to drink a beer, I hope you do the same, or dream of puppies.