Woman live tweets the horror of sitting next to extremely creepy doll on red-eye flight

As human beings living in a turbulent world, we’ve crafted endlessly imaginative coping mechanisms in order to transcend hardship. In keeping with that, as a reclamation of power in an otherwise powerless situation, a woman live tweeted her plane ride next to a creepy doll. Boarding an airplane can be an anxiety-inducing task no matter what. Your mind has to contend with the possibility of the plane crashing, whether you will finally die of saltine poisoning from the awful airplane food, and in the case of newly crowned Twitter royalty Sara Novic, being seated next to a terrifying doll for the duration of a red-eye flight.

When she was initially seated, Novic felt a wave of joy and relief as she noticed the seat next to her was empty. However, it wasn’t long before a man sat in her row and brought his doll (named Barbara) on the flight, who occupied the middle seat for the entire flight. As a modern woman with updated coping mechanisms for traumatic scenarios such as being forced to fly next to a baby doll, Novic immediately started live tweeting her beyond bizarre experience, and as the flight went on, the details got even weirder. Spoiler alert: the man even bought a plane ticket for his doll.

If you’re not already seated with freshly buttered popcorn, I’d suggest you prepare it now, because this story is cinematic as all get out.

How much money did he spend to ultimately creep out this woman?

Imagine being the flight attendant forced to reason with this man about his possessed doll — how would you keep a straight face? Would you even try to?

Honestly, if you’re going to land a horrible plane neighbor on a red-eye, they might as well provide you with top-shelf comedic material (or nightmare fuel).

This man sounds strangely responsible. He’s packing snacks with nutrients, he makes sure to buy plane tickets for his doll-child, he’s got a vested interest in Noah’s ark — what’s not to dig?

Luckily, to aid in the night-terrors of internet users everywhere, she took a picture of the frightening traveler doll.

Just when Novic boarded her connection flight and thought she had escaped, the doll appeared on her next flight.

Barbara is such a gentle name for such a sinister looking doll. But then again, a rose by any other name would still be a plastic nightmare toy.

At least she was able to find an emotional ally in the airline employees, who were likely just as petrified as Novic.

There are no more words.

Yes, please, let’s all just go home now.