The 2016 presidential debate schedule, if you have the stamina to endure them all

As you surely know by now, the first presidential debate is Monday night, and it promises to be a wild ride of ISIS conspiracy theories and an epic pissing contest to determine which candidate is healthier. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will meet on the debate stage for the first time to discuss national security and America’s future, and even though you’ll probably be wishing the election would just end already by the first debate’s conclusion, there will still be two debates left for you to cringe through in the weeks to come. The full 2016 presidential debate schedule includes a Sunday, Oct. 9 debate in St. Louis, Missouri, moderated by Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, and a Wednesday, Oct. 19 debate in Las Vegas, hosted by Chris Wallace.

The first debate alone is likely to bring in an unprecedentedly huge audience of roughly 100 million viewers, probably to an extent because it’s the first time we’ll be seeing a woman on the general election debate stage, but also because Trump’s unpredictability and immaturity will bring the presidential debates an entertainment factor they’ve previously lacked. I have little doubt this year’s debates will be a circus as exhausting for its participants as for its audience, as, frankly, no presidential candidates have ever been so antagonistic toward each other as Clinton and Trump have been from day one.

I can’t see them going down without Trump screaming at Clinton, and I can already picture Clinton, visibly at her wit’s end, struggling to be the one adult on stage. Good luck keeping up with that over the course of these three debates. No one could blame you for wanting to dip, except it’s sort of your responsibility as a citizen in a democratic society to stay informed and get to know your potential presidents, as if their statements and behavior over the past 1.5 years somehow haven’t been revealing enough.

As fiery a spectacle as Clinton and Trump promise to be, let’s not forget to pay attention to their lovely second-in-commands, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Indiana Governor/famed Planned Parenthood slayer Mike Pence, who will be duking it out on Tuesday, Oct. 4 on Kaine’s home turf and in a crucial swing-state, Virginia. I’m not under any illusion watching two old white dudes argue about the tax code will be fun, but at least this debate will probably be easier to follow, what with Trump not being in it and all.