Woman has Disney engagement photoshoot alone after breaking up with her fiancé

You can hate on Disney all you want, but a woman’s solo Disneyland photoshoot after breaking up with her fiancé gives princesses a good name. Brooke Lowry had booked a “cutesy couple” engagement shoot (her words, not mine) at Disneyland with her fiancé to celebrate their relationship, but they called off the wedding before they could get to it. Instead of just tunneling into her down comforter and watching marathons of The Real Housewives, which is exactly what I would have done post-breakup, she decided to do the photoshoot, done by D. Park Photography, all by herself and it turned out be to cute as hell. Not to mention brave. Engagement shoots can be really lame, and had they done it together, it would have been nowhere near as cool.

Lowry, who used to work for Disney Television Animation, decided that doing the shoot and getting all dressed up in the happiest place on Earth was just what she needed to feel good about herself as a newly single woman starting a new chapter of her life. She told The Huffington Post, “I felt uneasy, but I also felt empowered. I thought of the Disney Princess commercial that used the quote, ‘I am brave even when I am scared.’ I wanted to document this massive transition in my life. It was definitely a milestone, just not the one I thought it was going to be.” Word, Brooke.

Disney princesses get a bad wrap in the media, but when you think about it, Lowry has a point. Princesses are way better than Barbies.  She told Buzzfeed News, “These women are kind even when others are not.” Lowry added,“They are loyal and compassionate, inclusive and accepting, elegant and discerning, dreamers and doers. They look for the best in others, they bring honor to their families, and they work hard and stay true to themselves.”

She said that it “stung” a bit to see the photos of herself, without her fiancé, but that she ended up feeling crazy empowered anyway. “I felt beautiful and strong, ironically romantic, and frankly, excited about what life had in store for me after the last photo had been taken,” she said.

Is it a little cheesy? It probably would have been if her fiancé was there. But a woman taking control of her own narrative and doing something good for herself is most definitely not. A lot of people wouldn’t have the guts.

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