Woman fakes own kidnapping to see if her boyfriend “truly cared about her”

It’s sort of passé to make fun of the crazy shit that happens in Florida, but the story of this woman faking her own kidnapping to test her boyfriend’s love is just, so Florida. A fake kidnapping is a pretty aggressive power move, so if you’ve ever felt a little jealous or unloved and unleashed some fury on your significant other, you should feel better now. Because you didn’t, like Janet Elena Brook’s did, walk your ass into a police station and allege that you had been held at gunpoint, stuffed in the trunk of a vehicle, and then dropped off at a dog park in Polk County by an unidentified gunman.

I mean, if you think about it, it’s a pretty lame kidnapping story if you really want to test someone’s attachment to you. She didn’t even write a ransom note to attempt to gauge how much her BF would really pay to have her back. And the whole “they dropped me off later at a dog park” story makes it seem like even her kidnapper didn’t want anything to do with her. Brooks should’ve upped up her game a little. It was also dumb to pick a kidnaping location that had security cameras.

As police were investigating what they assumed to be a real crime, they found surveillance footage of the 22-year-old at the apartment complex parking lot where she said she was nabbed. But the video shows Brooks on camera just walking, chill as can fucking be, down the road where she said she was abducted, according to The Palm Beach Post.  She told officials she wanted to see if her boyfriend, “truly cared about her.”

Brooks was arrested for filing a false report and was later let out on bail. No word yet on how much her boyfriend loves her or if he, justifiably, packed his bags and high-tailed it straight out that relationship because who does that? If she’ll fake a kidnapping, she’s obviously up for doing all sorts of crazy things.

There are easier, just as insane, ways to be an asshole and find out if your boyfriend loves you that don’t involve arrest warrants, if that’s your thing. You can post a picture of yourself on social media all up on another guy and see if he flips his lid (this is also dangerous, depending on how angry he might get, so don’t do it). Or fake a pregnancy (no, no, don’t do this, it’s terrible and traumatizing).

Or, how about this? Have a little self worth and just don’t pretend you got stuffed in a trunk and dropped off in a park. And if you do, at least ask for ransom money, I mean, come on.