‘Jumanji’ reboot puts only female character in tiny outfit unsuited for the jungle

It looks like the upcoming Jumanji movie needs to find a new costume designer. A few days ago, Kevin Hart posted the first picture of the main cast, and the only female character in Jumanji is in a tiny outfit that definitely won’t cut it in the jungle. While Hart, Dwayne Johnson, and Jack Black are donning cargo pants/shorts, hats, and hiking boots, actress Karen Gillian (who portrays a character named Ruby Roundhouse) looks oddly out of place with short shorts, fashion boots, and an exposed midriff. As a matter of fact, she almost looks like a CGI image placed in the photograph. If it weren’t for the “this is some BS” look in her eyes, it would be hard to tell if she was an actual person.

The post quickly made its way around the internet as everyone gave one big collective side eye and asked the most obvious question of all: “What the hell is she wearing?” Because everyone knows that no person with two working brain cells would go out into the damn jungle with a ton of unprotected skin. Who wants to get eaten up by giant mosquitoes or scratched up by trees and bushes? No one.

Jumanji’s first official photo soon became the inspiration for hilarious tweets and memes poking fun at Roundhouse’s outfit. No matter what, the world can always count on Twitter to find the humor in almost any situation.

After the negative response, Johnson posted another photo of the cast on Instagram and came to the movie’s defense. In his post, he said their costumes “will all make sense” when the plot is revealed. Gillian also addressed the outfit on her Twitter page and also said there was a reason why she is wearing practically nothing. I love them both and I want to trust them, but I am not sure how this outfit will ever make sense in the jungle. I guess she got stuck in there as a kid and never changed her clothes (but found bigger boots)?

Even though it’s supposed to be part of a plot device, I still believe the Jumanji outfit was designed primarily for the male gaze. Everyone knows Gillian is beautiful, and producers would be telling a lie if they said the outfit wasn’t designed with her aesthetic appeal in mind. After all, the plot was seemingly written to put in a midriff top.

It doesn’t matter how sexy the outfit is supposed to be — it’s still impractical for a jungle-based movie and shows how Hollywood still caters to men’s fantasies by placing women into plots as the “hot chick.” And, Gillian is not just a hot chick. Fans have watched her travel through space and time as the feminist Amy Pond on Doctor Who and kick ass as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. She can certainly hold her own as the sole woman in the main cast of an action film without being dressed sexy for sexy’s sake.

Do better Hollywood.