When did Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes get married? Here’s what we know

The ability to be a Hollywood couple and do anything in secret is a pure act of wizardry at this point, so it’s even more impressive that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes got married in private earlier this year, according to a report from US Weekly. The insanely conventionally attractive couple first gazed deep into each other’s genetically gifted eyes on the set of The Place Beyond Pines, which launched the dating relationship between Mendes and Gosling and quickly unfolding into a full-on mutual infatuation that resulted in the creation of their daughters, 4-year-old Amada and 2-year-old Esmerelda. Now, they are married without the explicit surveillance of the voyeuristic public? What is this sorcery?!

If the creepy nature of my writing about them doesn’t already indicate their reasons why, Mendes and Gosling have maintained a relatively private relationship, so while the news of their secret wedding is impressive, it’s not altogether surprising. While the details of where and when the wedding took place are still under wraps (but vigorously sought out by every conceivable website), a report from US Weekly reveals that an undisclosed source who is close to the couple said, “Eva and Ryan have always felt like a married couple. They are infatuated with each other.”

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So, exactly when and where did Mendes and Gosling tie the knot?! Did they rent out a quaint yet sizable gazebo in Italy where their two precious daughters spread rose petals as a violinist sensually played their marriage procession? Or perhaps, they went a more minimal route and hit up a gold-studded courthouse where a legal magistrate weeped while christening their union?


WILL THEY EVER REVEAL THESE DETAILS TO THE WORLD OR WILL WE ETERNALLY GROVEL LIKE THE DOGS WE ARE? When mysterious sources hidden in the shadows say they were married “earlier this year” does that mean last week or January? The oceans of people looking to fill their emotional voids through the vicarious experience of celebrity relationships will not rest until we have answers.

In the meantime, given the fragile state of love and the world, we might as well send the newly wed couple our well-wishes. I raise my glass to their ability to maintain the sanctity of romantic privacy despite the hordes of gossip leeches lurking around every corner. May they and their adorable offspring live in peace and far away from the creeping paparazzi. (But also, they could at least leak the location of their wedding.)