North Carolina governor held fake Q&A to avoid real questions about transgender bathroom laws

North Carolina’s trasngender bathroom laws, strongly advocated for by Governor Pat McCrory, aren’t just ignorant and intolerant — if you’ve been keeping up, you’d know they’re also confusing as hell. They understandably raise a ton of questions. The Charlotte Observer had one about the millions of dollars of revenue North Carolina has lost since its passage of the anti-LGBT House Bill 2, what with countless businesses and patrons being pretty against blatant transphobia, at a press conference recently hosted by McCrory, except too bad the question was asked at what was pretty much a fake Q&A by North Carolina, set up to dodge transgender bathroom law-related questions.

The Charlotte Observer went on to report that McCrory’s campaign planted “press” questions from three fake reporters into the event. The moderator of the event introduced these questions as those of reporters from the Observer, but the Observer claims all three questions had been written in by McCrory’s staff. McCrory explicitly used the questions to dodge a legitimate one from a real Observer reporter about the laws’ effect on business, saying, “We’ve got three Observer questions answered already. I think you guys dominate the news enough.”

On some level, I almost empathize with McCrory. Defending bullshit to the extent that he’s had to over these past months is not easy, and his latest gesture shows the man is clearly exhausted. But on another level, the governor’s latest deceit makes his decision to maintain the transphobic laws even more despicable. He knows they’re bad for business and indefensible on just about every level, but that knowledge doesn’t move him to do anything about it.

The press conference took place at roughly the same time the NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference both announced they would be relocating 15 major college sports events from the state solely because of the law. The NBA earlier this year also announced it would be moving its annual All-Star game because of the law.

This doesn’t even touch on all of the artists who have canceled tour stops and corporations pulling their business from the state. Following one estimate by the University of California, Los Angeles, the state’s potential losses could amount to $5 billion a year. I would have loved to hear McCrory try his best to answer for this; he probably would have reiterated the same ignorant, paternalistic lies about protecting women and children, which he always does. In his eyes, all transgender individuals, who are literally asking for nothing more than a safe place to pee, are pedophilic men, and he needs zero studies or evidence to back this shit up.

Transgender bathroom bills
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At any rate, here are some questions I would have loved to see McCrory try to answer:

Maybe one day.