Teacher accused of verbally abusing students just says what’s really on her mind

A high school teacher in Ontario, Canada was recently suspended for allegedly telling students to shut the fuck up in as many ways as possible. Maybe it’s a too-nice Canadian thing, but I think if I were a high school teacher, cursing at students would be the best approach to get them to stop their whining, buck up, and just do their damn work. This is not the first time Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson, who teaches English at Dunnville Secondary School, has faced the music about her language before, which seriously can’t be that much worse than the sort of shit 16 year olds say in the classroom.

According to The Toronto Star, she was suspended by the Ontario College of Teachers back in January for one month without pay. She also had to complete a course, which she had to pay for out of pocket, to learn “appropriate boundaries with students and appropriate classroom management.” Well ain’t that some shit. The Frisky reached out to Green-Johnson, but a request for comment was not immediately returned.

Apparently all that schooling didn’t work because Green-Johnson still doesn’t seem to give a fuck about what she says to students. The most recent claims involve her telling a student to lick her “where she farts.” She also told a student to get their coffee “the fuck out of here,” called another one a “bloody pedophile,” joked that a student looked like he would stare at her “daughter’s ass,” and, when presented with a muffin, responded, “A bribe? I’d be able to shit for a week ‘cause of all that fiber.”

She’s not fired this time, but has a hearing next week for allegedly verbally and psychologically “abusing” students. I feel like if my teacher told me to lick her asshole, I probably deserved it and would just laugh, not go report her to the principal, but that’s just me. Maybe these Canadian kids are just more sensitive. Her Twitter bio says she’s a “supporter of healthy children; mentally and physically.” She’s just getting them ready for the real world, where anyone can tell you to lick them wherever they want.

Green-Johnson is probably just known around the halls as a badass at this point. In 2011, she was reprimanded for saying that a man’s penis in a film they were watching couldn’t be seen with a microscope after the kids were joking about it, too. One time a student asked her to repeat herself and she told the girl to sit down or get “bopped” in the head. Alright, once she “accidentally” knocked a student over, but hey, overcrowding in classrooms is common these days.

The memo to Green-Johnson about her disciplinary hearing says her behavior “would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonorable or unprofessional.’’ Whatever. Today’s youth should buck up. You get to curse and watch movies in class? That sounds like a high school dream come true.

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