Lin-Manuel Miranda’s GQ cover is the best thing that’s ever happened to the world

If you’ve already been fawning over him, then this won’t be anything new. But for anyone who was on the fence about Lin-Manuel Miranda, his GQ cover is super hot. If this doesn’t make you a fan (or develop a serious crush), I don’t know what will. Miranda, who wrote, composed, and starred in the hit Broadway show Hamilton, has been all over the fucking place this year. Because Hamilton is off the hook and he’s crazy talented and somehow likable. If we find out later Miranda is a total dirtbag, I will be totally disappointed.

Michelle Obama called Hamilton “the best piece of art in any form that I have ever seen in my life,” and if Michelle Obama thinks you and your work is the best she’s seen ever, your star power is legit.

Miranda recently left Hamilton, his work being done for the moment, and handed the role to Javier Muñoz, an openly gay and HIV positive actor, who will hopefully get the same reception and keep the Hamilton craze going strong (or not, because I would still like to see tickets get cheaper, which would be a plus). Miranda told GQ he was ready to leave the stage since his son was born just a few weeks before rehearsals started for the show — it’s time to live real life again.

In the cover story, Miranda talks about all of the highlights of the past year and riding the wave of fame. He said going to the White House and rapping with President Obama was a highlight, but a taste of Jeopardy was even cooler. He said, “Alex Trebek came backstage, and the first thing he said in that voice was, ‘Answer: This is America’s favorite play. What is Hamilton?’ And I was like, ‘Did that really just happen? Is that how he starts every conversation?'”

I seriously hope that’s how Trebek starts conversation — and that Miranda does many, many more magazine covers in the future.