This grammar app makes it easy to correct your friends’ texts like the asshole you are

We all have a friend (or are that friend) who can’t resist correcting people’s improper grammar over text. Luckily for the sanctimonious assholes of the world, there is now a Grammar Snob app that will do the passive-aggressive work for you. The Grammar Snob app, which is now available on iMessage, once installed can be used to send edits of your friends’ texts via a digital red-pencil, so you can truly be the faux-teacher wet blanket of your dreams. Truly though, color me surprised if excessive use of the Grammar Snob app doesn’t harsh the vibes of some potential romantic relationships or drive a deep stake into the heart of already tenuous friendships.

Do you see the fit man in that stock photo? Does he look like a man who would engage in playful text conversations with you that incorporate emojis, slang, and all matter of feelings? If you answered “yes,” then you are wrong, because I’m projecting grammar-nazi traits onto this stock photo model for the purpose of this article. The man in the main photo is in the middle of a dispute with his ex-fiancé, who, after being corrected five too many times on the Grammar Snob app, realized she can’t fathom spending the rest of her life with a man unable to appreciate the decontextualization of language via text. (No offense intended toward anyone intimately acquainted with this stock photo model, but it was necessary to prove my point.)

Don’t get me wrong, I relate to the potential lovers of this app in that I have my own flock of grammar-related pet peeves connected to a love of the written word. But seriously, texting is a form of communication that already involves autocorrect (which often messes up texts), lack of tone of voice, and the veritable shitstorm of distractions circling in on the texter. The last thing we need is a playful passive-aggressive tool that can willfully misread.

Who knows though — I might be overestimating the power of this sticker app. After all, we’ve managed to navigate the often confusing world of texting and mysterious emojis for years. Whose to say people are so fragile they can’t stomach the now uniformed corrections of their grammar-obsessed friends?

In any case, regardless of whether you’re for or against this app, it now exists. Prepare yourself for the storm of red pen corrections on your drunk texts. Just another reason to avoid texting your pretentious ex.