Matt LeBlanc was disgusting on the Emmys red carpet and can leave showbiz now

Matt LeBlanc has been beloved without question since his stint on Friends, but he proved at the Emmy Awards Sunday night that he’s shouldn’t be held on such a high pedestal. Look, he’s not Joey Tribbiani, but he does share some of his character’s disgusting characteristics — like objectifying women. LeBlanc got gross about Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke during an interview on the red carpet, which no one found the least bit funny.

LeBlanc and Clarke met The Graham Norton Show a few months ago and posted a picture together. Because of this one-time encounter, E! asked the Friends actor if he watches Game of Thrones, to which he responded: “I saw the first season and then kind of fell out of touch with it… And I guess that’s when she started getting naked, so I need to catch up.” Yeah, that’s why he needs to catch up, not because everyone’s obsessed with the show’s brilliance and Clarke’s incredible acting.

Turns out he’s not that different from the character he played for a decade who only cared about getting women in bed. Sure, his stupidity was funny, but Joey treated women terribly and was actually a pretty gross dude. The world still sees LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, and apparently he sees himself that way too.

He insists on reaffirming the repulsive idea that men are horny all the time and women purely existing to fill their sexual desires, and his new show is essentially him trying to bolster fragile masculinity. The trailer for Man With a Plan, which airs on CBS in October, center on a dad (played by LeBlanc) who suddenly has to take care of his three kids when his wife decides to go back to work. The entire trailer shows LeBlanc trying to figure out how to raise his kids and calling himself “Daddy Fun Time,” because apparently his wife used to do everything and he got to just swoop in and play with his offspring when he felt like it.

“It’s so funny that I’m not good at parenting or household chores because I’m a man and I’m supposed to just take the kids to the park once a month and put food on the table (not literally, of course; I can’t cook either)” as the premise of a sitcom is purely a reaction from men who feel their ego being trampled as people question gender roles and no longer think women have to do all the housework and childcare. Portraying a stay-at-home dad isn’t progressive or groundbreaking when he fits perfectly into the stereotype of unequipped father who can’t look after his kids as well as his wife could.

Based off the trailer, LeBlanc’s newest role only affirms that he should just sit in his mansion and enjoy his wealth from the good ole days, while staying out of the spotlight and not talking to the press, or women, or anyone really.

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