Lancôme’s new campaign features domestic abuse survivor to raise awareness

To battle stigma when it comes to domestic abuse, it’s all about putting a face on the violence and its effects. Lancôme’s new campaign features a domestic abuse survivor, doing this in the best of ways. Rosie Batty, a former “Australian of the Year,” is featured in the new “Love Your Age” campaign for the cosmetic company. Batty is a domestic abuse survivor who lost her 11-year-old son Luke in 1984 to her abusive ex, Greg Anderson. Instead of letting that hold her down, she created the Luke Batty Foundation, which provides support to women and children who are victims of abuse.

Batty is donating the cash she would have made for starring in the short films to her foundation. The 54-year-old stars in the spots alongside celebs like Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz, who have appeared in older “Love Your Age” videos. But Batty’s spot isn’t about just proudly stating her age — she gets into how much work she still wants to do in the name of helping others.

In the clips, Batty talks about the 12 years she spent living with Anderson in fear. “I’m not someone I wanted to become, I pushed through a lot of self-doubt, fear and grief and I now want to use who I’ve become to inspire other women,” she says in the clips, which are very different from the usual hokey ads for cosmetics, with women in fancy gowns strutting around European castles or other dumb shit. This is actually about empowerment.

rose batty2
CREDIT: gekzc/YouTube

This campaign is all the more important since domestic violence is a major problem in Australia, as well as pretty much every country in the world — it’s estimated that 18,000 women have been murdered by an abusive partner since 2003 in the U.S. alone. Batty’s story is one that needs to be told, and it’s refreshing to see a company like Lancôme drawing attention to the problem.

“As Rosie Batty so clearly articulates, this epidemic does not discriminate and we felt we should participate and help stop this tragic Australian statistic,” Lancôme Australia’s marketing manager, Lucy Bradshaw told Elle. “Happiness is a pure joy that all women should feel, and can only be achieved when we feel safe and secure.”

If fighting domestic abuse is something you want to help with, Lancôme is holding a fundraising day Oct. 11, so every dollar you donate directly to the Luke Batty Foundation will be matched by the brand. The new campaign and the fundraiser are a bright side to Batty’s horrible, but all too common, story. Who says cosmetics have to be superficial?