8-year-old skating prodigy becomes youngest girl to compete in Vans U.S. Open Pro Series

Professional adult skaters were shown up by a young girl at the 2016 Vans U.S. Open Pro Series this summer when 8-year-old Sky Brown showed off her badass skating skills. The Japanese prodigy has mesmerized the world with her advanced tricks shown in YouTube and Instagram videos, as well as her excellent skater style. At the competition, commentators couldn’t get over how impressive Brown was, even after she fell off her board. “She skates bigger than she is,” one skating commentator says in the video of her run.

It doesn’t matter that I’m a girl or that I’m small,” Brown told the #ShePlaysWeWin campaign. “My heart is big and strong and I can be as good as or even better than the boys or even big people.” The impressive 8-year-old is also into surfing, and her mom documents her and her 5-year-old brothers’ skating and surfing adventures on one of the most adorable Instagram accounts out there.

She started skating when she was just 3 years old and surfing when she was 4. In 2014 (when she was 6), Brown told the Girl Is Not a 4 Letter Word website she surfs with older (and for a 6 year old, older just means preteen) girls, saying: “It’s funny because we just sit in the lineup of adults just laughing and playing as girls do, but when the sets come we are all down to business. I don’t like being indoors and I really enjoy just being in the ocean.”

This kid is seriously impressive, and just rad as hell.

Watch her performance at the Vans U.S. Open Pro Series and just try not to feel bad about your 8-year-old self.

I can’t wait to see what she can do when she hits 10.