7 reasons it should be more acceptable to drink wine with breakfast

If you need a glass of wine at breakfast, you might want to check yourself. But there are many reasons to have wine with breakfast, as a choice, to make the most important meal of the day even better. Listen, in grown up life, you can make your own rules, and wouldn’t adding a little vino to your morning routine make for a better morning overall?

Sure, there’s the hair of the dog excuse: if you drank too much the night before, a little alcohol can solve that crummy feeling like you might crumple into a ball on your commute and just, well, die before the end of the workday. We’ve all felt that way before. If that’s what you’re dealing with, you might be better off with some Pedialyte. But if you’re just trying to get down some oatmeal or a plate of eggs and avocado toast, why the hell not pour a little glass of red wine and take the class level up a notch?

Let’s get something straight, though; having a glass of wine a day might not be as good for you as doctors once thought. But neither is having cheese in your omelette or spreading Nutella all over some toast. You don’t need to be ashamed to consider adding a little adult grape juice to your morning rush.

Here are a few reasons why.

It’s Sunday brunch somewhere

On the weekends, we’re allowed to have booze before noon, so why not on week days? Being “busy” is not an excuse. Europeans drink mid-day all the time and then go back to work. Sure, most of their economies are crashing, but at least they feel good.

It will slow down breakfast

Just admit it: your breakfast is usually rushed on your way to work or whatever you have going on. That’s no way to live. Be like Buddha and really make it an intentional meal — swish that wine around and think about how much better your day is going to be because you had a boozy breakfast.

It will help you power through the day

Now that you’ve meditated on how insane your day — and the rest of the week will be — aren’t you glad you had a little decompression time before you even got all compressed? Wine is relaxing AF.

It’s the same as a wake and bake

No one would ever look at you like you were insane for smoking a little weed before heading out the door. Actually, it’s highly recommended by all potheads. You aren’t doing tequila shots — a glass of good red has basically the same effect as a one-hitter. Just don’t mix the two before 9 a.m.

It will help you deal with morning people at the office

If you time it right, you’ll still have a little tipsy feeling when you have to talk to that woman who insists on being chipper before noon. Instead of being violent, be chill.

Waste not, want not

If you have a glass of wine left in the bottle you opened the night before, why let it sit on the counter and oxidize for eight hours until you get home? It tastes better now. Don’t waste the ends of the stash.

It pairs well

Seriously, most wines are a perfect pair for breakfast foods. Eggs, fruit, bacon, granola — you name it, no sommelier will dispute your logic.

Really, there is no reason to not have a glass of wine with your first meal. Make it count. But also remember that if you’re drinking red before the commute, you might want to get some hardcore toothpaste for red wine mouth.