Hair perfume is here in case you needed another thing to feel insecure about

In order to feel beautiful (in the conventional, culturally sanctioned ways) there are endless products to buy and body flaws to pick apart until you emerge from the cocoon as a properly coiffed Beautiful Person™. As of now, hair perfume is the latest trend to add to your growing list of must-have products and media-prodded insecurities. For the brave beauty veterans who regular Sephora without feeling compelled to hide from the meticulously contoured and fresh-smelling staff, hair perfume isn’t new — the sugary bottles intended to cover up your shameful hair scents have existed for years.

However, recent improvements in technology and the increasingly popular trend of hair perfume have rendered it a “must-have” item. There are now hair perfumes such as Sachajuan that also provide UV ray protection and double as a protective sheen for your locks. There are endless scented hair creams used by master stylists backstage at New York Fashion Week, and as perfume scientists (possibly my favorite job title) have pointed out, hair perfume is better for scent distribution than regular perfume. This is because regardless of how long or thick or luscious your hair is, effectively perfuming your locks will create a much stronger scent storm than dabbing it on your wrists, doing a Hail Mary, and hoping for the best.

Naturally, this is a purely fun and optional product, and the idea of any perfume or beauty product being a “must-have” is purely marketing. But really, do you not already feel the pressing shame of daring to have a head of hair that isn’t misted with $2,000 caramel-scented Chanel spray?

Because really, nobody wants to be the girl in school with the embarrassing hair that smells like shampoo, or earth, or human scents when you could give your money to the perfume brand version of a negging Regina George.