Apple and BlackBerry made us forget what actual apples and blackberries are

In the beginning, there was nature, and technology was nothing but an interloper. But as the wheels of progress have rapidly evolved into touch-screen wheels, our linguistic associations lean deeper into technology and further away from nature. This was made abundantly clear when a Wisconsin apple store opened, immediately confusing customers hoping to buy the latest iPad. The apple store opened in Green Bay on Monday just in time for apple season. However, because it’s been a hot minute since the pairing of the words “apple” and “store” referred to actual fruit, the store received a crop of calls inquiring about the latest iPad, with one customer requesting an appointment to fix their broken Apple device.

This begs the terrifying question: are we already this removed from the concept of the fruit from whence technology was named? The store manager ,Diane Brekus, shared the community’s confusion when she told WSAW TV: “We get calls daily about how to fix phones and computers and things like that, and I have to explain to them these apples are what you eat. They don’t want me working on their computers anyhow.”

Unlike the computer-related apple stores, The Apple Store in Green Bay is only open during fall months, typically closing their doors in February.

However,  according to manager Mike Crowley, The Apple Store does have a hot new brain-boosting product: “It is called Sweet Tango. It is a cross between a honeycrisp and a zeststar. That means it gives you a sweet flavor and a tart flavor all in one apple.”

Now that’s a piece of technology I could bite into.