Makeup artist contours her face with dicks and it somehow works out in the end

If the mystery of contouring continues to bewilder you, or you’re looking for a new makeup tutorial to add to your repertoire, look no further than Mimi Duong, a makeup artist who contours her face with dicks. No, not with dicks, because that would be an entirely different NSFW story (or a crazy porn niche I don’t even want to think about), but using dicks as a guide. Oh, the the double entendres.

Anyway, Duong posted a video to Tumblr demonstrating her “hoe’s contour and highlight routine,” as she calls it. It’s actually quite the feat. With nary a word she adds a dick to all the right spots — on her nose, the sides of her forehead — and then goes about blending them in. Who knew the nose was a natural palette for some cock and balls?

What’s most amusing about the video, which blew up on Tumblr in just a day or two, is that only she really knows the dicks were ever there. She’s sort of reclaiming the cock. Remember when frat boys used to Sharpie a penis on someone who passed out too early? Duong has made the penis classy again. Put that on a Trump campaign hat.

Knowing that you’re stellar makeup routine involved drawing testicles on your face is also a good incentive to start putting on makeup again.

Maybe we all need more cocks on our faces.