KSU students use blackface and n-word on Snapchat, which white people just can’t stop doing apparently

This is an emergency alert, everyone: please stop putting on blackface. It’s never funny, it’s racist, and it’s just shameful. Again, blackface is not a thing. Why in the name of all of that is holy does anyone think this is OK? When a white person puts on blackface and uses the n-word, there’s no defense or walking back from that. You’re wrong, ignorant, and an embarrassment to America. All that said, I don’t even know why I’m surprised Kansas State University students Snapchatted themselves in blackface and using the slur. The only good thing about this is that it was on the internet and everyone was able to tell them to knock it the fuck off.

At first, there were reports that one of the girls, Paige Shoemaker, (I won’t say woman because she’s lost grown up status and has to go back and try again), is in a KSU sorority, but according to Complex, she was a Zeta Tau Alpha member but the Zeta chapter at KSU says she hasn’t been involved in years. Probably because she sucks. Shoemaker is a pre-med student and works at Qdoba. Her friend, Sadie Meier, is pictured with her and also sent similar Snaps from her account. Meier is a senior cook with KSU’s Housing and Dining Services. So a possible future doctor (LOL, good luck getting rid of your name on the internet when you’re applying to decent med schools) and someone serving up food to the masses are just blatantly racist. Cool.

I repeat: what the hell is wrong with you? They posted to Snapchat in full blackface, waving the Westside W (oh my god, white people in Kansas, why?) and captioned it, “Feels good to finally be a nigga.” After Desmund Weathers found the picture, he tweeted it out and, of course, a shitstorm of commentary ensued. Many were outraged.

Shoemaker defended the Snap, telling Fusion in a text that she was wearing a clay face mask and it was “sent in a joking manner” to her friends. She also said, “I am the least racist and most accepting person you will meet. Never would I send it in a derogatory way.”

Because this is a country full of people who bathe in their white privilege, some people defended the girls against anyone who suggested they should lose their campus jobs or go on some sort of academic probation. KSU probably should punish the morons in some way. Or at least make them take a few American history courses. The university tweeted that it is “being addressed,” but no one knows what that means.

Apparently Kansas is filled with assholes like these two. In 2008, Arkansas City, Kansas mayor appeared in drag and blackface. He wasn’t fired, but he did apologize. That’s cute. It was a fundraiser for the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), an agency that advocates for foster children in the court system. I promise to never say this again, but this is worth it: will someone look out for the children?

Just in case you think this incident is harmless — Kansas State University also wants to allow concealed weapons on campus. Because bigotry and handguns are always a perfect match.