Can this female pastor who actually got Trump to STFU follow him around every day?

Sometimes I wish I had a smart, rational human to follow me around and lightly tell me to back up when I start talking. Like when I accidentally clown someone at a party because I don’t like their music or their politics despite being the shyest person in the room. It happens to the best of us after a few glasses of wine, right? But Donald Trump needs a personal “STFU assistant” for a different reason, since he’s not drunk or socially awkward and just a racist, misogynist, egomaniac. The pastor who got Trump to shut up in Flint, Michigan should join the campaign full time so that every time he starts talking about how immigrants are rapists or how he respects Vladimir Putin, she can just get up on stage like she did yesterday, touch his arm lightly, and say, “That’s not what you’re here for.”

Watching the clip, it’s hard not to be amazed. Have you seen Trump, well, tamed? I assumed only Ivanka had that power over him. Reverend Faith Green-Timmons of the Bethel United Methodist Church is a national hero. Reverend Green-Timmons walked up on stage as Trump started to veer off topic and lay into Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. She said, “Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint. Not to give a political speech.” Trump shuffled some papers, beamed towards the crowd, said, “Oh, good,” and moved on. He was cordial.

But, of course, by Thursday morning he was already talking shit again about the reverend.

On Fox and Friends, Trump called the pastor a “nervous mess” saying that when she introduced him, her hands were shaking from nerves. He told the hosts that he agrees with some if his supporters that she was out to “sabotage” him and that she had been planning on interrupting him all along. “I mean, everyone plays their games,” he said. But that’s not really what happened.

According to NPR, although Trump told Fox & Friends the crowd was cheering, “Let him speak,” they actually began heckling the candidate, asking him about evicting black tenants and yelling in general. That’s when the pastor, who you know, was out to “sabotage” him, stepped back in and asked her congregants to respect a guest in her church. Oh, snap.

Meanwhile, Green-Timmons posted on her Facebook page that his camp had promised the speech would just be about Flint water and not about politics, and had they stuck to the script, there wouldn’t have been any problem. Not that we need another example, but Trump’s response to Reverend Green-Timmons interrupting him shows just how petty this man blob really is.

He should have been thankful for the church’s reception. He could have made a joke, agreeing with the pastor, that some things are above politics and try to connect with voters on a more human level. He needs Flint’s support, especially since he has avoided talking about the water crisis on the campaign trail for months. Yet he still has the nerve to imply that this woman was out to get him, instead of just trying to do her job and keep the peace.  

You know, I take it back. This classy woman shouldn’t have to demean herself to follow the candidate around — you literally cannot tame not this beast.