This Carrie Brownstein short film hilariously points out why you shouldn’t comment “mom” on people’s photos

If you really think about the kind of shit you say online that you don’t actually mean, you might not want to watch this video, “The Realest Real,” directed by Carrie Brownstein for KENZO’s new ad campaign. It’s not just star studded — with Mahershala Ali, Natasha Lyonne, Kim Gordon, and Laura Harrier — it’s the creepiest commentary about online culture and all weird things we do in the cloud. It starts with Harrier sitting in a Matrix-esque building and meeting Ali, who has all her data from the cloud. Her emails, her online comments, everything. He informs her that she once commented “mom” on a post by Lyonne about NASA, and Lyonne magically appears and actually becomes her mom.

It starts off fun — who wouldn’t want to hang out with Natasha Lyonne all day? But the meaning is very literal, and soon Lyonne starts taking on very “mom” qualities. Complaining about her allergies, embarrassing her in public, buying her clothes she’ll have to return anyway, and even leaving her smoochy voicemails. When Harrier’s real mom in the video shows up, it gets disastrous.

Later, Kim Gordon shows up and is shown the dangers of writing “marry me” on a social media post. It’s actually creepy as hell.

When Harrier is first escorted to the big conference room, she’s followed by a bunch of weird, silent followers. “One just walked away,” she tells her host. “They’re fickle like that,” is the response. You can’t worry about why a follower ditches you on social media. Later, Harrier asks her guide if she looks “smug,” and the guide answers that “smug and sad” is a good look and having a happy face is overrated, showing just how unsolicited and fucking stupid most internet comments really are.

Everything, from the eery storage of our data to the side comments about how much we look to social media for validation, is spot on.

It’s supposed to just be part of KENZO’s fall campaign, but the video is perfect commentary about how we act online. In fact, everyone should watch it and then feel bad about how (probably) stupid we sound when we communicate online. I mean really, think about if she had been dragged into the “I’m dead” room in the complex. What do we even mean when say that?

Let’s all just LOL and leave it at that next time something hysterical and pathetic happens on our Instagram feeds.