Two men stormed ‘DWTS’ stage trying to attack Ryan Lochte, but what did ABC expect?

It was probably a bad idea from the beginning to let Ryan Lochte join the Dancing With The Stars cast so close to the end of the Olympics, after he allegedly lied about being robbed in Rio with three other swimmers. The Olympian could probably have used some more time to earn the love back — or at least wait until most Americans forget what happened. Because people apparently really don’t like him, as evidenced by two men storming the Dancing With The Stars stage in an attempt to attack Lochte Monday night.

It was pretty insane for live television. After Lochte and his partner, Cheryl Burke, finished their fox trot and were getting feedback from the judges, there was a minor commotion that could be heard off-camera. One judge, Carrie Ann Inaba, said “excuse me, excuse me” before the host, Tom Bergeron, cut to commercial. It was like a movie, except that it was TV, and there were really two men coming after Lochte.

The men were wearing shirts that had Lochte’s name crossed out and they were removed quickly from the stage by security guards. There were also four women in the audience wearing the same shirts and egging the men on. The women were removed by Dancing With The Stars dancer Derek Hough. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. Lochte and Burke were visibly scared of the men. When they got back from the break, Lochte said he was “hurt.” He later told CNN, “You know, at that moment, I was really heartbroken. My heart just sunk. It felt like somebody just ripped it apart.” His partner, Burke, said that she hopes Americans will give Lochte a chance going forward.

No one needs to rush the stage and try to hurt anyone — that’s just insane — but no one has to root for Lochte either. It looks like the swimming star really doesn’t understand why fans aren’t into him or why he’s lost sponsorships since the Olympics. After allegedly vandalizing a gas station while drunk, then lying to the police about it, then “exagerating” the story to make it seem like the three white, American swimmers were robbed by the corrupt Brazilians was offensive to lots of people.

Apparently, network execs over at ABC don’t really understand the problem either, since they gave him a spot on the show and some free publicity. Rushing a stage and trying to tackle someone is not OK. But Lochte reportedly did a despicable thing in Rio; people are allowed to be mad at him.