This raw footage of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’s’ badass stunts will blow your mind

It’s safe to say Mad Max: Fury Road is a triumph of action cinema. The storyline, the chase sequences, the explosions, and the faceless guy who shot flames out of his guitar all kicked immeasurable amounts of ass. Now you can relive the kick-assness with this newly released raw footage of Fury Road’s most mind-blowing stunts — a CGI-less celebration of the huge effort that went into making those stunts happen for real. Get ready to say “HOLY SHIT” all over again.

When Fury Road first came out, its publicity mainly revolved around its unapologetic feminism and death-defying action, both of which soon gained legendary status. A main cast full of gutsy women and director George Miller consulting the author of The Vagina Monologues? Hell yeah. Over 300 action sequences of real vehicles smashing the fuck out of each other and an old lady biker gang called the Vuvalini who did all their own stunts (including actress Melissa Jaffer, who at the time of Fury Road’s release was 78 years old)? Double hell yeah. The super cute story about how Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron’s stunt doubles fell in love on set and got married? ALL of the hell yeahs.

As Imperator Furiosa and the ladies would probably agree, though, just talking about it isn’t enough. So without further ado, WITNESS:

Imagine actually driving in that cloud of sand. Shout-out to the dude at the wheel who managed to make it through and didn’t unintentionally crash into anything.

It’s the flamethrower guitar guy, a.k.a. The Doof Warrior! We love you, Doof Warrior. Your sick shredding on the front of Immortan Joe’s war rig stole the show… and our hearts.

Did you see that flip?! This is incredible, period, but it’s even more incredible when you consider that the rider is probably in her sixties or seventies.




Seriously, this video gives you a new appreciation for how hard the crew of Fury Road must have worked to make the movie happen. The timing on those stunts had to be perfect. There were so many factors that had to be coordinated and so many people who had to be in exactly the right place at the right moment in order to create the eye-popping stunts that made Fury Road such a memorable experience and ensure nobody died.

The only problem with the video is that it ends, because I wanted it to go on forever.