Forget Apple’s new iOS 10 emojis, the presidential Kimojis are way better

Kim Kardashian is no idiot. She knew releasing her new Kimojis the same day Apple’s iOS 10 was made available was the perfect way to one-up the tech giant at its own game. While it may seem risky, the new presidential Kimojis are better than Apple’s new emojis that come with iOS 10, though they are outnumbered three to 72.

Apple’s latest operating system became available to download Tuesday, bringing along 72 new emoji that are refreshingly diverse in terms of both race and gender to iPhones everywhere. Some are just new takes on the same old emojis, like a man getting a head message, a woman walking and running, and single parent families, while there are many original additions as well, including a man and woman in hard hats and both genders looking angry.

However, the three presidential Kimojis showing President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump making Kardashian’s famous ugly cry face are true works of art every single person needs on their phone. All three politicians (if we can call them all politicians) are making the hilarious half cry-half scream expression with their mouths wide open and a single blue tear rolling down their cheek. They also look just as much like the public figures as the other Kimojis look like KK herself.

Honestly, the Kimojis could be used in just about any texting scenario. Your BFF cancels your plans last minute? Donald Trump Kimoji. Your mom sends you a video of a kitten befriending a puppy that’s so adorable you cry? President Obama Kimoji. Your coworker asks if you can cover for them at a meeting the next day? Hillary Clinton Kimoji. You really don’t need any other Kimojis or Apple emojis in your life.

It also takes much less time to update the Kimoji app than to download a whole new operating system to your iPhone, which we all know takes an average of 45596883 years (it’s just pure math, folks). Kardashian is not only gifting us with the perfect 2016 election emojis, she’s also giving us all the gift of time. What an angel 😇.

Thank you for all the texting possibilities, KK. I promise to put them to good use.