You can now hire an ‘Instagram Husband’ for Fashion Week to take pictures of your outfits

Sometimes, when it’s raining really hard but I also really want to have Indian food delivered, I feel like a terrible, spoiled brat making someone ride a bike through a city in the rain, risking their life so I can have curry. But there are women who are hiring “Instagram Husbands” to take pictures of their outfits during New York Fashion Week, so apparently paying money for people to do things for you isn’t the worst thing in the world. But it is pretty ridiculous and a sign of the times that TaskRabbit is offering, for a limited time only of course, actual human beings to take your Instagram pics.

They will also “lightly” edit the photos before posting, carry gift bags, and help return samples. (Side note: Most people I know wouldn’t trust their actual spouses to edit and post a photo for them, so I feel like the level of trust these people are assuming is a bit of a reach.) So basically, an inspiring Shea Marie can pretend like they’re famous for a day or a designer or editor’s assistant can hire an assistant (but can they get human resources to reimburse them for hauling samples to and from shows?). But will they also help you create an Instagram Story or is that an extra thing?

Hiring a human being to take a picture of your street-style on your way to a show is a little out there, but a perfect selfie can go a long way. Especially if you want to get your name out there in the fashion world. Fashion Week is also an insanely busy time for people who work in the industry — it’s exhausting and any help is welcome. Maybe a personal Instagram assistant is a much needed accessory for Fashion Week and TaskRabbit is actually onto something.

I’m not really worried about the women hiring Instagram Husbands, because people who want to make it on Instagram and attend NYFW can’t do it all. People are already hiring people to run their errands for them: renting a human selfie stick is a logical next step.

I also hope the people being employed as Instagram Husbands are being treated right. What are they paying them? Can they unionize? I mean, how much would you ask to walk around and take pictures all day and choose a filter? Do you tip the Instagram Husband? (Note: We reached out to TaskRabbit, but they didn’t immediately return our request for comment.)

Anyway, bottom line: This is all fine. If you’ve got the money to spend on an Instagram Husband and that feels like a valid use of your budget, then fuck it, #NYFWYOLO or whatever you cool kids with the good outfits are using. And I would never judge the TaskRabbiteers of the world. Fuck it. Be an Instagram Husband if the money is right, because cash is king and it’s just a picture anyway.