Two of Beyoncé’s dancers got engaged during her show, and the video quality is actually good!

Sure, I’ve yet to have the great fortune of attending a Beyoncé concert, but having vicariously experienced numerous through the Snapchat stories of friends, I can honestly say that they are incredible and magical and not even a little overrated. At least up until Saturday night, I never would have imagined it was even possible for them to get more incredible and magical, but the Queen managed to top herself when Beyoncé helped two of her dancers get engaged at her St. Louis, Missouri stop in the Formation World Tour.

After Bey and a couple of her dancers danced to “Single Ladies,” the song cut off and at about 2:10 in the fan-recorded video, she embraces and hands her mic over to one of her male dancers, John Silver. Silver goes on to embrace Beyoncé’s dance captain, Ashley Everett, identify her as a “Queen,” and, eventually, get down on one knee and ask if he could “put a ring on it.” And the crowd goes wild (obviously).

You can watch for yourself in the surprisingly high-quality video below.

Being a single lady is great and everything, but being proposed to on stage at a Beyoncé concert is probably the next best thing. Much like Queen Bey herself, all of us in the hive wish Silver and Everett nothing but happiness.