RuPaul’s ‘Drag Race’ won its first Emmy after eight years

After eight years of blessing with world with immaculately curated outfits and personas for days, RuPaul’s Drag Race won an Emmy for best reality television host during the Creative Emmy awards on Sunday night. Honestly, considering RuPaul’s hosting style that effortlessly blends sharp merciless wit with an underlying sense of inclusiveness, RuPaul’s Drag Race feels long overdue for an award. The fellow contenders for the Best Reality Television Host award included human Ken doll Ryan Seacrest of American Idol, the terrifyingly stylish duo Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum of Project Runway, the guru of bad love-advice Steve Harvey (Little Big Shots), the ever-winking Tom Bergeron of Dancing With the Stars, and the effervescent Jane Lynch (Hollywood Game Nights). Despite all of the other contestants’ hosting acumen, RuPaul took the prize and will likely immortalize it with the garnish of a perfectly coiffed $3,000 wig.

When speaking with Yahoo News reporters backstage, RuPaul not only expressed an understandable mixture of surprise and excitement, but largely gave credit to the Drag Race contestants throughout the years, saying:

“It’s really about the girls, all the 100 girls who have come through on this show who are so brilliant. I accept this for them. The significance [of this award] is we hear the stories of 100 queens — actually now 112 queens who get to tell their unique stories of survival. It’s so important for all the young people around the world who get to see this show to hear that there is a way for you to navigate this life.”

The show has truly done wonders for exposing the mainstream to a slice of the world of drag, and thereby launched career opportunities for the 100+ queens who have made their way through the ranks of Drag Race.

While accepting the award, RuPaul humorously referenced his past irreverent statements about the Emmy awards and said, “Earlier this year I was quoted as saying that ‘I’d rather have an enema than have an Emmy,’ but thanks to the Television Academy I can have both!”

If having both an Emmy and an enema isn’t the pinnacle of the new American Dream, I don’t know what is.

Naturally, the throngs of RuPaul fans who’ve known him as the best reality television host ever, long before the Emmy, were overjoyed at the win, tweeting out all manner of celebration by way of GIFs and fan pics.

Condragulations RuPaul, you’ve deserved this for eight years!