Here’s the first excerpt of the new ‘Fifty Shades’ book, in case that’s still your thing

If you’re looking to kick off your fall with a foray into another S&M laden beach (or coffeeshop) novel, you are in tremendous luck because another Fifty Shades of Grey book is coming out! For fans of the series, this means it’s time to quick-dial your mother or perviest aunt so you can swiftly elaborate on your fan-predictions before the flurry of new orgasms is released! The announcement was made on Saturday when the Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James posted on Facebook to celebrate the birthday of her blushing character Anastasia Steele, who is now 27 (which hopefully means her taste in men will approve)!

While fans expected James would post a trailer tease for the upcoming Universal Picures adaptation of Fifty Shades Darker, the author of forbidden love (and honestly fairly abusive depictions of “love”) surprised everyone when she announced that she’s working on a new Fifty Shades of Grey book. The fourth book in the series is slated to chronicle events from Christian Grey’s perspective, which will perhaps lender viewers a peek into the brain of the fictional billionaire who has both divided and engorged a nation of casual readers. Along with her announcement of the new book, James even shared an excerpt to whet the appetites of fans and get conversation going.

This portion of the excerpt, as posted on Facebook gives a peek into the dramatic yet analytic head of the torturous Ken doll so many women have become infatuated with:

“My watch says 5:43. She’ll be out in a moment. I take a deep breathe and tug at my cuffs, then try to straighten my tie only to find out I’m not wearing one. Shit. Raking my hand through my hair I try to dismiss my doubts but they continue to plague me. Am I just a free ride to her? Will she have missed me? Will she want me back? Is there someone else?”

If this excerpt confirms anything (beyond the consistently underwhelming prose in erotica), it’s that even sex-icon billionaires have self-doubts! The real question of course is, how will those doubts intersect with Steele’s labyrinth of emotion?

The suspense will have to commence, as James hasn’t yet announced an official title or release date for the latest book! Most fans are assuming they’ll be able to snatch it up in 2017 which seems reasonable. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, which will hit theaters February 10th 2017!