Donald Trump claims media is biased against Christians, the true victims in America

Donald Trump says a lot of untrue things, many of which he’s spent the past year campaigning on. He’s sweepingly identified Mexican immigrants as rapists (except for the “some,” whom he “assumes” are “good people) and retweeted alt-right lies on black crime among other terrible things, but in the latest episode of the Republican nominee spewing bullshit, at the Values Voter Summit (imagine the Tinder selections up in there) on Friday, Trump claimed the media is biased against Christians. His was a less-than-subtle attempt to pander to the many evangelicals who doubt his Christian values, probably because of his record of struggling to name Bible verses, or his past support for abortion rights.

“Our media culture often mocks and demeans people of faith,” Trump told his audience. “All the time, I hear from concerned parents how much harder it is for Christian families to raise their children in today’s media environment. Your values of love, charity, and faith built this nation.” I mean, I’m sure the institution of slavery, which many historically used Christianity to justify, kinda built this nation, too, but sure. Faith and slavery, we got it.

Trump continued: “So how can it be that our media treats people of faith so poorly? One of the reasons is that our politicians have abandoned you to a large extent, and Hillary Clinton you can forget about her.” Forget about her, she’s too busy advocating for the rights of gay people, women, and Muslims which are being infringed on in the real world. Fuck that bitch.

Donald Trump Holds Press Conference To Announce His Tax Plan
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America is just starting to wrench itself free of the homophobia, misogyny, and general intolerance it was built on (and, like, just fucking starting), but through it all, let us never forget that Christians are the victimiest of the victims in America today. #ThoughtsAndPrayers

I hear where Trump is coming from, though. I’m sure it is, indeed, increasingly difficult to raise compliant, unquestioning Christian children when “our media culture” is constantly exposing the inequality and human rights violations which emerge from faith in politics.

The frenzied dialogue around the imagined “War on Christians” emerged around the same time homophobic Christian bakers threw a hissy fit when they weren’t allowed to discriminate against a gay couple getting married, and when Kim Davis was turned into a martyr for refusing to do her job (which, cazj’ reminder, no one forced her to work).

It portrays Christians as being persecuted by liberal politicians and the media merely for practicing their faith, rather than the reality of the situation: they’re simply being held to the legal consequences of discrimination, and the media isn’t “mocking” or “demeaning” them for pointing this out. Nor is the media mocking people of faith for pointing out the scientific shortcomings in pro-life arguments incorrectly casting embryos and fetuses and fully-fledged human beings (i.e., exposing the slight lack of truth in former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s claims Planned Parenthood workers harvested an aborted baby’s brains).

The progressive movement isn’t about trashing Christianity or preventing people from holding whatever personal views they choose—it’s about preventing people from imposing those views on others, and transforming those views into the laws non-Christians are subjected to.

Left out of the picture of “War on Christian”-standard bearers is how the same calls for “religious freedom” by Christians have been transformed into legislation that could allow employers to legally discriminate against gay people, or deny women reproductive healthcare, or fire people for having pre-marital sex, all because of an employer’s personal religious beliefs. Also left out of the picture is the long history of radicalized Christians leading arson and terror attacks at abortion clinics, and intimidating abortion providers and women seeking them. While ignoring these incidents, Trump would rather ban Muslim immigration and place Muslims in a registry, but, yes, definitely big-ass bias against Christians!

As for the media “mocking” Christians, let’s not even try to deny there isn’t something ironically humorous about fundamentalists, touting family values and portraying gay and trans people as sex offenders, cheating on their wives or being violent sexual criminals. There are literally more recorded incidents of GOP politicians committing sexual misconduct in restrooms than there are of transgender people. Josh Duggar had an Ashley Madison account. And there is, of course, the Daily KOs’ delightful “GOP Family Values Hypocrites- The Complete List.” But again, this could hardly be construed as the media mocking Christianity; it’s more like pointing out the stark irony of those impressing their “family values” on others, not even being able to follow these values themselves.

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Iowa Caucus Night Gathering
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None of this is to say that there’s anything wrong with Christianity itself, or to undermine the amazing charity and good deeds it has occasionally inspired. Like, there are a shit-ton of sweet humans who hold the idea of Jesus in their swollen hearts while they write checks to help orphans. (Granted, Christianity has also inspired racially-charged crusades, persecution, and tyranny, but let’s just hold some positive space for a moment.) Either way, Christians can hardly be perceived as the victims in a nation governed by laws rooted in their faith, or when the media points out how fucked up it is that some of them (namely Republican politicians) go about trying to impose their values on the laws LGBTQ people and women are held to.