The 6 least glamorous things about Fashion Week, because it looks better on Instagram

If you read the internet or follow even one friend on Instagram who cares about fashion, you probably already know: it’s New York Fashion Week. Fashion week is a chance for everyone who works in fashion — namely the reporters and people who cover fashion — to talk about how crazy it is to work in the fashion industry. Sure, it’s about the runway shows, but it’s also about early mornings, late nights, and all the things that make fashion week way less glamorous than it sounds, like Kendall and Kylie Jenner getting stuck in elevators.

But fashion week is fancy. It sounds fancy, right? Fashion! Anna Wintour in the front row. Kim Kardashian trying to keep track of North West in her designer shoes. The Olsen twins and celebs wearing big, dark sunglasses indoors. But there is really nothing glam about fashion week — in New York, Paris, or anywhere. Fashion weeks are harried opportunities for designers to show off their collections and flaunt their stuff, but the people who actually have to do fashion week, like fashion writers, publicists, and models, are only Instagramming the best parts.

Because New York Fashion Week can be a busy and messy time. Between the weather, the schedule, and trying to not be judged for your outfit, any fashion week is sort of just a lot of running around and trying to remember to eat for most people. Here are some things you won’t see in a hashtag.

The Swampy New York Weather

Some years, it rains, and that’s especially terrible for anyone trying to do their job in heels. In winter, NYFW is often snowed out. In September, it’s just hot AF. Trying to plan a “fall street style” look is not easy in these conditions. If everyone is “glowing” on Snapchat, that’s just sweat.

Early Morning Call Times

Sure, your favorite fashion blogger has probably already tweeted 50 times from some label’s show before you make it into the office and it seems funny. But running around Manhattan trying to make it to events that start at 9 a.m. and make it through security in time is no fun.

The Constant Hungover

The early call times for some shows also coincides with the fact that all the big “parties” during fashion week have lasted too long. The parties, usually hosted by someone important who doesn’t even show up, are just ways to keep everyone up and drinking champagne they don’t really want. The sunglasses game is hard during fashion week for a reason.

Getting Stuck In Shitty Elevators 

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are some of NYFW’s most wanted celebs and models, but even they have their moments trying to navigate the depths of the city. Like bad Manhattan elevators.

Models Collapsing

At Kanye’s Yeezy show on Roosevelt Island, it was such a shitshow that models actually collapsed. There is nothing fancy about Uber rides to Roosevelt Island.

Not Really Eating

There’s a reason why fashion bloggers brag about the juice and coffee they need to get through the week. There is no time for anything, not even granola.

So the next time you have any FOMO about New York Fashion Week, think again. It’s not an easy ride.