High school girl shoots classmate and then herself in worst act of gender equality ever

On Thursday morning, a freshman high school student opened fire at a west Texas high school, injuring one student and eventually committing suicide. What makes this so starkly different from all the other school shootings across the nation is that this was a high school girl who shot a classmate and herself. Students who take guns to school and start shooting are overwhelmingly male, making this a depressingly violent act of gender equality.

It’s unclear what triggered the shooting, as the girl, who has yet to be named by the authorities, had just moved to the town six months before and was a good student, according to Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson. The 14-year-old was found dead in a school bathroom with the gun nearby, according to CNN, and the victim, also unnamed, was taken to the hospital. Another student reported seeing blood on the cafeteria floor, presumably where the shooter shot her fellow student.

School shootings have sadly become common, but they are almost always committed by guys. From 1999 (when the Columbine massacre took place in Colorado) to 2014, 80 of the total 84 fatal school shooters in the U.S. were male, and if you look only at shooters under 30, all 61 were male. That makes this female shooter an anomaly.

The nation has come to naturally expect school shooters to be young men after seeing two male students kill 13 people at Columbine, a man kill 27 people at Sandy Hook, a man kill 32 people at Virginia Tech, and dozens of other men and male teens shoot one or more people on a school campus.

This isn’t to say women never kill, but it’s far less likely. Although this was only an attempted murder and suicide at this point, only 2.2 percent of homicides from 1980 to 2008 were a woman killing another woman and only 9 percent were women killing men, according to statistics from the Department of Justice. That means 88.8 percent of murders were committed by men. So, not only are school shootings by young women rare, female murders aren’t the norm either.

Because this young girl’s case is so unheard of, it will be interesting to uncover what led her to shoot another student at the Texas high school. But while we obviously want women to be treated as equals to men in every category of life, we could sit this one out. Let’s let the men have murder (or, you know, no one murder each other).