When internet memes attack: The Netflix and chill movie the world doesn’t need

This is what happens when internet memes go too damn far. A while back, the catchphrase “Netflix and chill” rose to fame via Twitter and soon became an everyday term for casual sex. Now, Umami Media has decided to capitalize on the popular term with Netflix & Chill — a horror-comedy movie due in 2017 no one asked for. No, we are not being punk’d. There are real people spending their time and money on this movie. Michael Middelkoop, the writer and producer behind the madness, set up a Netflix & Chill Cinecrowd fundraising page to help raise funds to bring the project to completion.

According to the page, Netflix & Chill is about a guy who finally gets a message from his crush to come over for some Netflix fun. But, the date night on a couch goes horribly wrong as the guy “hoping to get lucky finds out that luck is having a day off.” Middelkoop says the film will be full of internet memes and pop culture references, and says the short film will be an “absurd vision of what would happen if we completely lose ourselves in that addiction.”

While this film seems like a clear WTF, the writer seems very confident in his abilities. Middelkoop spoke to Paul Young at Screenrant and said there should be “enough gore to make both John Carpenter and Wes Craven proud.” Ummmm… not sure this would meet their stamp of approval, sir.

Umami Media also released a Netflix & Chill trailer on YouTube. The short clip is anything but thrilling, with the basic movie trailer voice-over and a shot of an iPhone. As the camera zooms in to the phone, the voice-over basically explains the premise of the movie until an inviting text message shows up at the end. The clip ends with a hand snatching the phone and the title of the movie appearing, along with the phrase “be careful what you chill for.”

There is also a poster for the movie, and it’s as corny as the trailer.

Netflix and Chill
CREDIT: Umami Media/Cinecrowd

Now that I’m over my initial annoyance, here are three reasons why this film will probably not do well.

No One Wants to See This

Raise your hand if you want to see a film about Netflix and chill gone wrong! Nobody? Ok. There are way too many talented people in the world with great, fresh ideas. Why anyone would give money toward a movie that combines an overdone plot (young couple gets ready to have sex only to be killed) with an internet meme is something I don’t understand.

The Name Sucks

Netflix and chill may be the phrase, but it’s not doing this movie any favors. If this dude really wanted to get clever, then he would have named it “Netflix & Kill” or something with an equally catchy ring to it. But nope, he gave us Netflix & Chill, along with a nonsense tagline. Missed opportunity.

The Trailer Is Terrible

Absolutely nothing happens in the promotional trailer. NOTHING. It’s just a cell phone and a text message about coming over to watch Netflix. And, if it was attempting to be funny or witty, then it did a no good, very bad job. If you don’t believe me, watch it here:

Although I don’t care to see this movie one bit, it will be interesting to see if it is actually made and what the reaction will be when it hits YouTube. Because even Netflix doesn’t want anything to do with this weirdness.