Teyana Taylor is taking the world by storm. Here’s what her next moves should be.

Teyana Taylor isn’t just #bodygoals – not that there’s anything wrong with having an enviable physique. Yes, we all watched in awe as she danced in Kanye’s “Fade” video, but this appearance, as well as her unforgettable performance of “No Time” and “All About the Benjamins” during a tribute to Lil’ Kim at the Hip-Hop Honors, have certainly opened the door for new opportunities to come her way. While she is no doubt honored that people admire her body, it would be nice to see Teyana ride this current wave toward new projects and continue to cement her status as someone that the world should not stop watching. Teyana’s next move needs to be big.

No, she may not be viewed as a “mainstream” artist, but fans of hip hop music watched Teyana dance in Jay Z’s “Blue Magic” video while sneaker heads snapped up her record-breaking Adidas design. Even the Queen Bey herself has tapped Teyana for her choreography prowess — she was the woman behind Bey’s moves in the “Ring the Alarm” video. In other words, she’s been popular in urban culture for a while, and now the world is finally taking notice of the Harlem girl who has stayed true to herself.

So, in light of the recent media attention coming her way, here are four things we hope to see from Teyana:

A New Album

Teyana’s last full length album was released in 2014 and received praise from Yeezus himself. But, there didn’t seem to be much promotion behind it and sales quickly declined. Hopefully the recent buzz around her will prompt people to check out the VII album and encourage her label GOOD Music (founded by Kanye) to step up a bit more and give her more promotion, because she deserves it. She has already confirmed an upcoming album, so this dream is becoming a reality.

More Choreography Work

If Teyana’s dance moves are good enough for Beyoncé, they are good enough for anyone in the world. She’s obviously great at both creating and executing moves, so it would be nice to see other stars tap her for choreography work. After getting admiration from peers like Tinashe for her “Fade” moves, it’s possible she’ll go behind the scenes to teach them to move like she moves.

A Clothing Line

Yes, this does relate to her being #bodygoals, but it’s also a smart business move. Her previous design experience with Adidas and her upcoming Reebok Question collaboration have proven she has design chops. Now, she can take her talent and expand it to a women’s fitness line. Imagine the droves of women who would run out to the stores to pick up something from Teyana’s line because she’s the inspiration behind their quest to get fit. Her influence is particularly strong with mothers since she joined the mommy club after giving birth to Iman, Jr. less than a year ago. She can also design clothes that represent her unique sense of style. Strike now Teyana… strike now.

Bigger Acting Roles

Teyana has appeared in a few movies (Madea’s Big Happy Family, Brotherly Love) but hasn’t really taken on a major leading role… yet. Channeling Lil’ Kim means she can transform herself into another person, and she has worked alongside experienced actresses like Keke Palmer, so now is the perfect time for Teyana to think about taking on a new role.

Basically, we want to see Teyana do it all because she’s a best friend in our heads.