12 times Donald Trump looked extremely presidential and ready to lead the nation

After Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton coughed before she started a speech over the weekend, Donald Trump and his supporters were worried about her health. The Republican candidate thinks coughing just doesn’t seem presidential and that Clinton’s overall “look” just doesn’t scream “Leader of the Free World.” Which is why taking note of all the times Trump has looked presidential is important if voters want to be fair. Certainly his own mannerisms and the way he conducts himself in public should be able to offer some insights to Clinton, who seriously just can’t get her act together. I mean, who coughs? It’s really just unacceptable. How are we going to make America great if we can’t even take the right antihistamine dose?

Clinton has released all her medical records, while Trump released a letter written by a cartoon doctor that says the real estate mogul is in “excellent” health, so surely he is. It’s possible Trump wrote the letter himself and had the doctor sign it, as The Donald has been known to impersonate his staff in the past, but that’s really beside the point. No one wrote that all of Clinton’s tests “were positive,” but all of Trump’s tests were deemed positive.

But that doesn’t matter because Clinton is sick, frail, and doesn’t have the right “look” to lead. Trump totally does, just look at all the times he’s been so dignified.

That Time He Said “Titties”

All dignitaries use this slang word for a woman’s breast.
That Time Trump Had No Fear

Trump isn’t scared of anything — not ISIS, not Clinton, and certainly not the very symbol of American greatness in bird form.

That Time He Whined And Made This Face

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Las Vegas
CREDIT: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If he doesn’t get what he wants, he can whine about it.

That Time He Held Babies

Donald Trump Holds Town Hall In Colorado Springs
CREDIT: Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

Look how comfortable and happy these babies are to be with the possible next commander-in-chief.

That Time He Explained His Longstanding Republican Values

Trump would never BS just to get ahead or change his opinions on things to win people over.

That Time He Just Threw His Hands Up

He’s great at making the awkward emoji face and throwing his hands up — a classic presidential stance.

That Time He Looked Like A Goof While Mocking Someone

If that’s not presidential, I just don’t know what is.
All The Times He’s Made A Grand Entrance 

It’s his signature move.

That Time He Was Super Transparent 

Having Barbara Walters grab your hair must be a little emasculating, but a dedicated president would allow it.

That Time He Kind Of Danced

Even to his detriment.

That Time He Kept It Real

GOP Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In South Carolina
CREDIT: Sean Rayford /Getty Images

Sometimes Trump looks like Steve Urkel, but Urkel was pretty smart after all.

That Time He Admitted Fault 

The fault of others, that is. And mistakes are OK — as long as we remember the nuclear codes correctly.

Trump obviously has full command of his faculties, given all the slips of the tongue, weird facial expressions, and the way he can parody almost anyone who disagrees with him. Clinton should take note: this is what a president looks like. Obviously.