This girl painfully peeling off a charcoal mask proves sometimes beauty is pain

It’s not easy to look flawless all the time, which is why I totally relate to this girl peeling off her charcoal mask and losing her fucking shit. It’s looks like a legit brand, and at first it’s hard to tell if the girl in the video is just being a wimp or not. I mean, how much can a mask peeling off really hurt? And then I got a flashback of myself scolding a Biore pore strip for hurting me the other day. When you try to fuck with your face, it hurts.

What’s so amusing about the video is that Cachet Raynor, who posted the video on Twitter, won’t just rip the darn thing off and be done with it, but it becomes increasingly obvious the mask was way too tight. She goes so slow, which is obviously what makes it worse. Her eyes are watering, she keeps noting, and every once in a while let’s out an actual shriek. Like, a real shriek. Then she has that terrible crisis moment that can happen anytime you mess around with your body. You can see her eyes darken and know she’s thinking, “Shit, what if this never comes the hell off?”

Cachet takes her time and does stop to notice that her skin is soft. But, as she says, “that shit hurt,” and she promises to never, ever, do it again.

Now that I’ve watched Raynor work miracles on her skin, I sort of want to do a mask. I just don’t want it to hurt. The teen told The Daily Dot she bought the Pil’aten Suction Black Mask online and the name is a dead giveaway that it’s going to be painful. Suction? Who needs that much suction? The mask needs an hour to set in so that’s a commitment right there.

Raynor also said despite the pain, she would do it again because the masked worked wonders on her skin, so sometimes the pain is worth it.

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