Beyonce and Bill Clinton hung out on the queen’s birthday, but she hasn’t really endorsed Hillary

If there are two people in the world who seem to do whatever they please, it’s Beyoncé and Bill Clinton. So it’s fitting that Bill Clinton and Beyoncé hung out at the Made In America music festival, sponsored by Jay Z, in Philadelphia this weekend. In fact, it’s sort of adorable. Clinton was there, seeming all by his lonesome, with, wrangling up the millennial vote. Then, he figured he would just saunter backstage and say “hello” to Beyoncé. The photos being passed around on social media were pretty funny — what better than Twitter to caption a mysterious conversation between the two of them.

But it was probably pretty cordial. Of course, when one thinks of Bey and Jay’s presidential pals, the Obama family comes to mind first, since the two performers have attended dinners, soirées, and even a “top secret” Obama birthday party this month.

But Beyoncé and Jay Z also have ties to the Clintons. I mean, who doesn’t Beyoncé have ties with? Even though the Queen hasn’t officially endorsed anyone yet in the 2016 election, it’s pretty safe to assume she’s not a Donald Trump supporter. According to The Washington Post, Knowles has contributed to the campaign by attending a fundraiser at least once before the election really got going. And former President Clinton once invited Jay Z to his own birthday party, so in that sense, it looks like being buddies with Beyoncé and Jay Z is important to anyone who wants the White House.

Also, it’s just good manners to say “what’s up” to the birthday girl. Beyoncé was reportedly having an early 35th birthday celebration at MIA, according to her mom, Tina Knowles. It wasn’t just Clinton who came by to say “hi” either — Chance the Rapper also sang happy birthday to a thrilled Beyoncé at the festival. She was also greeted by Malia Obama later in the evening, too. Just one big happy family.

There are also reports that earlier in the weekend, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy went to Camp David to stay with First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters, while President Obama was in China for the G20 summit. That sounds like the best sleepover ever. She ended the Labor Day weekend with a Soul Train-themed birthday party  in New York City. Clinton wasn’t invited.

Beyoncé x Jay Z dancing #SoulTrainThemedBDayParty

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Many celebs were torn throughout the primary season between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and the former secretary of state, but both Beyoncé and Jay Z have laid pretty low when it comes to really speaking out for any candidate. At this point in the game, though, it looks like they might be ready to cozy up to the Clintons. As long as Bill doesn’t get too annoying.