President Obama Will Get Creative This November With Guest Editing Role

President Barack Obama may be getting ready to leave his gig as Leader Of The Free World, but it looks like he’s already moving on to new creative pursuits. POTUS will guest edit Wired magazine’s November issue and prove once again that he is a man of multiple talents. Wired is one of the top tech and science magazines and websites in the United States, so it only makes sense to bring on a presidential editor to tackle the election month issue, which will be available in print on Oct. 25 and digitally a week prior.

Editor-in-chief Scott Dadich announced the news via Twitter and shared a picture of him standing beside President Obama, as well as the hashtag #WIREDxPOTUS. A more formal press release was shared on Wired’s website and went into detail about why Obama is the first sitting president to take on the guest editor role. In a conversation with Wired’s Robert Capps, Dadich said, “We want to wrestle with the idea of how today’s technology can influence political leadership. And who better to help us explore these ideas than President Obama?”

The issue’s theme, “frontiers,” seems to also be a fitting reason for POTUS to tackle the guest editor role. The president already made history as the first black president and has pushed against the grain to fight for policies that he believes will change America for the better. He was also the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review, so this task shouldn’t be too hard for the prez.

The “frontiers” issue has also prompted the White House to start a conference based around the topics in the November issue. The conference will be hosted by POTUS himself and take place at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University Oct. 13, just before the issue comes out.

Like the magazine, the conference will cover frontiers of all types, including medicine, renewable energy, civil rights, and cybersecurity. Wired is also making a little history of its own with a recent endorsement of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — the magazine’s first presidential endorsement since it was founded 23 years ago. So, don’t be surprised if you see Mrs. Clinton joining Serena Williams, J.J. Abrams, Bill Gates, and President Obama as a part of the exclusive guest editor club in the future.

Congratulations to you Mr. President, and we will all be waiting for the guest editing music playlist to drop on Twitter.