Mexicans Respond To Donald Trump’s Visit Exactly The Way You’d Imagine

Another day, another rage against Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate decided it was a good idea to visit Mexico. Yes, the same country he wants to “block” from the United States with a ridiculous wall. Trump was invited by Mexican President Nieto for a meetup, and Mexican citizens were pissed off about Trump’s Mexico visit on Wednesday. Honestly, no one can blame them after all the horrible things he has said about immigrants, as well as his statements accusing Mexican people of sending rapists and criminals to the U.S.

The New York Times took to the streets of Mexico City to catch all of the reactions to Trump’s visit (which happened just a few hours before a speech in Phoenix about immigration) and residents were shown protesting his presence. Citizens could be seen holding signs with the hashtag #FueraTrump, which basically means get the fuck out of our country, as well as #TrumpNoEresBienvenido (Trump is not welcome), and a few even stopped to voice their opinions on camera.

One Mexican woman, Abril Marques, spoke to Neeti Upadhye of The New York Times and said, “Totally, he’s not welcome. He has to be consistent. If he says that Mexico is a country of rapists, murderers, and corrupt people, what is he doing in Mexico? He has not tired of saying we are not his friends and we are his enemies. What is he doing in Mexico?”

This isn’t the first time Trump visited a foreign country that wanted him to GTFO. A couple months ago, he encountered the wrath of Scottish Twitter when he falsely tweeted that Scotland voted to leave the EU and then showed up to a golf course there shortly afterward. The colorful insults (fucktrumpet and tangerine ballbag were among the best) have cemented their place in Twitter history as one of the best draggings of all time. It seems like Mexicans were not quite as harsh with The Donald, but it’s probably because they are just as exhausted with his constant circus of bullshit as we are in America.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox accused both the current Mexican president and Trump of being political opportunists and was so embarrassed that he apologized on behalf of Mexico. Univision broadcaster Jorge Ramos, whom Trump kicked out of an Iowa press conference after he told him to get out of “his country,” shared his thoughts on Twitter:

I wonder why the Mexican president thought this was a good idea. His public approval in Mexico saw a recent drop to 23 percent, Trump’s approval rating in Mexico is less than 2 percent, and he has presumably heard all of the derogatory comments made by Trump about Mexican citizens. There is no way he can redeem himself from those statements, and honestly he doesn’t want to because he believes it’s true. Some people may be fooled, but this clip shows that the Mexican people are not impressed.

Moral of the story: never invite a clueless numpty to your country when he wants to build a wall at your border.