Meet The Adorable Married Couple That Matches Outfits Every Single Day

This married couple might be the cutest one you see all day. Or for the rest of your life. Fran and Ed Gargiula have been married for 52 years and coordinate their outfits every day. The couple became internet famous when their 17-year-old grandson, Anthony, posted a series of pictures of his grandparents wearing matching colors on Twitter. To Anthony’s surprise, the tweet was quickly retweeted thousands of times and caught the eye of several major websites.

While it was originally thought the couple was on the same color wavelength throughout their long marriage, it turns out the coordinating outfits just began a few years ago, when they decided to start square dancing. From that point forward, the Gargiulas decided to keep it going, and now they make a perfect match in more ways than one. Warning: these pictures will make you smile and feel bubbly feels in your stomach. Proceed with emotional caution.

Anthony, a budding recording artist, spoke to CNN about his grandparents, and his love for them is just as sweet as their attire. The Gargiulas often text their grandson and he applauds them for being wonderful people all around. Shortly after his tweet started going viral, he texted his grandparents to let them know they were a hit on the internet, and of course, the cool couple took their newfound fame in stride and even started sending him a morning photo of their daily outfit with a text saying, “Good morning from your famous grandparents.”

“Everybody looks forward to what they’re going to wear,” Rich Gargiula, their son, told CNN.

Last year, the 76- and 74-year-olds showed up to one of Anthony’s singing performances with their whole square dancing crew wearing matching orange T-shirts. Not only are they overly into each other after all these years, they also like to share the love by letting their friends in on the matching. This sounds like one hell of a square dancing crew.

Only time will tell how long they can keep up the matching without getting tired of looking exactly like each other every day, but something tells me this duo could keep on coordinating outfits for years to come. With more than 50 years of marriage under their belt and the will/patience to coordinate their clothes every day, it looks like these two are still very much in love. Thanks for being adorable and giving us real #relationshipgoals, Mr. and Mrs. Gargiula.