Kim Kardashian Coached Chyna Through Her Nude Paper Magazine Cover Shoot

This month, Blac Chyna is on the cover of Paper magazine, totally naked and gloriously pregnant. But just in case you were believing the hype that the Kardashian clan was mad at her for trying to break the internet, you should know that Kim Kardashian coached Chyna through her Paper mag shoot. People don’t have to be fighting all the time, everyone.

According to TMZ, Kardashian and Chyna arrived together and were “tight” all day during the shoot. Kardashian even weighed in on some of the art direction. Paper’s managing editor, Abby Schreiber, told E! News the two “spent a lot of time sort of having a private moment.” She continued, “So I wasn’t privy to what they talked about, but my impression was she came to kind of give her support and encouragement and advice I would imagine.”

There was a little drama between Chyna and the Kardashian family when she started dating their brother, Rob — especially because Chyna’s ex, Tyga, was dating Kylie at the time. It was a confusing little family foursome going on. Chyna and Tyga have a child together, King Cairo, and now Chyna is pregnant with Rob’s child. So there’s a lot of reasons to assume things are mad awkward between Chyna and her fiancé’s sisters. But it’s not like that, so everyone can chill out.

It was “really nice to see her giving encouragement to Chyna and talking to her,” Schreiber said.

Always be yourself, express yourself, and have faith! 💕 Thank you @papermagazine #Cover #BeautifulPeople

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The idea behind the shoot wasn’t to copy Kardashian, either. I mean, the two shoots couldn’t be more different. Schreiber said of the concept to E! News, “We worked with our fabulous photographer, Charlotte Rutherford, who has worked with us a few times before. We brainstormed with her some ideas and she put together a mood board that kind of highlights Chyna’s pregnancy and kind of had a style in very sort of feminine, elegant way that definitely incorporated nudity and was sexy but was done in a very sort of elegant, classic way… It wasn’t like in your face sexy.”

That Kardashian was there to give her support is nice and all, but Chyna isn’t a stranger to posing naked and pregnant. In fact, there’s a similar shoot and profile in Elle magazine this week. On Friday, she and Rob will also be on the cover of People. So, it looks like Chyna is really getting into the Kardashian way of life.